My work addresses the mysteries of light, form, and time that make up both exterior and interior space. Drawing from autobiography, visceral imagery, and the body, I explore artistically and psychologically the process by which we enter and embody liminal space. Throughout my art, the 'intact entity' is shattered into broken pieces revealing the underpinnings of perception and exposing the spaces hidden below the surface of the image. It is in this realm where struggle between form and formlessness ensues, the unexpected reveals itself and meaning emerges.

For me, the expression of art is exquisitely self-conscious. I am excited by conventions of depicting pictorial space and other formal concerns specific to the history of painting, and how these concerns relate to photography and video. Taking photos is about seeing and examining the world through the lens of the camera. Through this lens I look to deepen my own humanity, see new ways to grapple with the mysteries of life and move closer to the expression of the poetics of the human heart that constantly changes and yet always remains the same.